• The geolocation of wild ponies, in the media

    Related - 22/02/2021

Life in common land attracted again media attention. The project promoted by the Diputación de Lugo in collaboration with the universities of A Coruña (UDC) and Santiago de Compostela (USC) came out this month in a report by La Voz de Galicia. Under the headline “O Xistral, the mountain range where GPS is used to control horses”, Laura Lagos, a researcher at the UDC, explains how new technologies help to track animals in A Serra do Xistral. It’s valuable information to monitor changes that occur in habitats and in the herds themselves.


Read the article: https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/somosagro/2021/02/13/span-langgl-xistralspan-sierra-gps-usa-control-caballos/0003_202102L13C9995.htm

Life in Common Land

Una alianza entre las Mancomunidades, las administraciones y la sociedad para luchar contra el mal estado de los hábitats, el abandono rural y el cambio climático.

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