Newsletter 4 of the LIFE IN COMMON LAND project is available in the dissemination section of the website.

This fourth newsletter is dedicated to the Ecosystem Goods and Services of the Serra do Xistral.

It delves into what an ecosystem is and what goods and services it provides us (provisioning, regulatory and cultural services). With these concepts in mind, the newsletter details the services and goods provided by the ecosystems of the Serra do Xistral, specifying these services by priority habitat type targeted by the project, i.e., wet heaths (4020*), active raised bogs (7110*) and active blanket bogs (7130*).

A chapter is also dedicated to the sustainable production of goods and services and what opportunities there are to market these goods and services, with current experiences of selling products in neighbouring mountains.

Life in Common Land

Una alianza entre las Mancomunidades, las administraciones y la sociedad para luchar contra el mal estado de los hábitats, el abandono rural y el cambio climático.

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